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When it comes to strong female role models, no one wears fierceness AND femininity better than Alysia. Known for running from the front with a flower in her hair, she's an Olympian, 7x national champion, and had an undefeated Junior year in college - as in she won every single race of her indoor AND outdoor seasons that year. Despite her on-track accomplishments, Alysia gained world-wide exposure in 2014 when she ran US Outdoor Championships 34 weeks pregnant, with a massive belly and massive smile on her face. Now a mom of two (she ran 2017 Champs pregnant as well, presumably to avoid any sibling rivalry), Alysia is a huge advocate for fit pregnancies and parenting, and is still kicking major tail.

Q&A with Alysia

Why did you pick Picky? 
Because I want my food to work for me not against me. The way I see it; I want to be a high functioning, premium machine, that performs at its best with that goal I know I need high functioning premium fuel that also is high functioning premium fuel, also it’s delicious and it helps my kids not bonk.

Proudest accomplishment, professional?
Returning from pregnancy and enjoying running for me or shooting a kid out of my body, twice, damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Trip/event looking forward to in 2018:
I’m looking forward to chasing some races and seeing where that takes me.TBH two kids and double kid travel gear makes me clench my nether regions, but imma make it do what it do baby.

What’d you want to be when you grew up?
A talk show host (still want that)

If money, logistics, and risk of injury were not factors, what would you pick for the adrenaline dump of a lifetime?
Going to space... I’m so freaking frightened of the idea that if this were the one adrenaline dump of a lifetime i would have to do it and then I’d want to come right back down.

Best book you’ve read recently?
The Glass Castle by Jeanette walls

If you could choose another sport to go pro in, what would it be?
Soccer hands all the way down.

Describe yourself in three words:
Bold, strong, courageous.


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The Flying Flower

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April 23rd

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  • 2012 Olympian

  • 7x US Champion

  • 2x American Record Holder

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