Cedar Wright


Cedar is described as an "approachable person known for his goofy sense of humor, and infectious lust for life, and is always game for an outrageous adventure." We will attest to all of that, and add that he has the most extreme pug on all the internet. He straddles the inspiration/aspiration line perfectly, as his films and posts always leave us thinking "holy crap I could never do that!" but running out the door for an adventure of our own.

Q&A with Cedar

Explain the nicknames...
My original Nickname was Mr. Magoo because I "Climbed blindly into adversity" and because I've always climbed in glasses. Most people nowadays call me "Seedy."

Do you believe in astrology?
Not in the classical sense, but I wouldn't rule out the epic forces of the universe having effects on our personality and behavior.

Proudest accomplishment, professional:
I've had some incredible experiences. Free Climbing El Cap in a day was special for me. I've put up first ascents around the world, and my Sufferfest trips with Alex Honnold are looked back on as a highlight. The Sufferfest Films I directed, produced, and edited were a labor of love! More than any one accomplishment though I'm very proud that I've stayed true to myself and continue to squeeze adventure and creativity out of life.

Favorite Place in the US:
Yosemite Valley, and my home in Boulder Colorado.

Why pick Picky?
First and foremost I LOVE the bars! The bars are moist and don't dehydrate you like some of the competitors, and taste ten times better. They are perfect for my adventurous multi sport lifestyle. Just as important, Picky is run with a sense of fun, integrity and passion, and it's an athlete owned company.

Anything else you want the people to know:
I believe life is short and we need to squeeze the juice out of it, by trying to fill our lives with friends, family, adventure, travel, love and other wonderful things more important than money or conventional senses of success!



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March 16th

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