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When we first got in contact with Spanish kayaker Gerd he was on a short visit to British Columbia, getting ready to head off on a two-month long excursion all across the world. "We have to get him some bars!" marketing said, "Mike, can we get bars to Canada by Wednesday?" they pleaded. Long story short, the package didn't clear customs and got returned to us in Oregon, two days before Gerd was set to hop the pond.
We had a group of people going to Seattle the next day for an event. "Squamish (where Gerd was staying) is only a few hours past Seattle - we could drive them to him?" At a loss with international shipping and desperate to get this rad kayaker the goods we promised him, we scheduled to meet up. After an unnecessarily complicated border crossing (way to be cool, Sarah) we rendezvoused with Gerd and his girlfriend at an empty Tim Hortons parking lot around midnight (not sketchy at all) and as they say, the rest is history…

Q&A with Gerd

Trip/event looking forward to in 2017:
Spring and Summer in the West Coast of the US and Canada!!

If money, logistics, and risk of injury were not factors, what would you pick for the adrenaline dump of a lifetime?
Running something huge like Victoria or Angel Falls or massive like the Tsang Po at high water

Best book you’ve read recently?
Alex Honnold’s

Proudest accomplishment, professional:
Living for and off kayaking and winning all major races I entered in 2015, an amazing year to remember for me.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro:
Learning to ride my bike without trainer wheels at 2?? haha

What'd you want to be when you grew up:
Fireman! My grandpa was one and it's a cool job.

Favorite Place in the US:
The PNW!!

Why'd you choose Picky?
I like to eat well and healthy and Picky Bars are the best option. I also have a sweet tooth so it's the perfect balance and a great nutritional snack to take on the river.



Geri and Dirty Gerd, not because I’m dirty but for a 1st Descent waterfall I did that is?

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September 10th

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  • 2015 World Champion

  • 2015 North Fork Champion

  • 2013 AWP World Champion

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